PCOS Diet Recipe For A Healthy Body

pcos diet recipe

PCOS can prove to be a troublesome disease for women and can cause weight gain, excessive acne, and rapid growth of facial hair. This PCOS diet recipe will help you in your fight against the disease and will keep you healthy and fit.

What is PCOS?

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 PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Condition and it is a hormonal problem in ladies and the specific reason is at this point unclear. It’s simply known as a “hormonal issue” right now that outcomes in indications such as unpredictable periods, problems with fertility, inordinate hair development, excessive weight gain, swelling, exhaustion, mind-set issues (tension), migraines, diminishing hair and skin break out.

Is PCOS Dangerous?

PCOS is a hormonal irregularity and like numerous things, can introduce itself distinctively in every individual. There is a wide range you can fall on among mellow and extreme. In spite of the fact that not dangerous, it can majorly affect your everyday life and could bring about things like diabetes if not appropriately overseen.PCOS diet recipe helps you fight against it. 

What Is PCOS Diet Recipe?

After huge loads of exploration, perusing specialist’s sites, and meetings with practical CNP, they all suggested a mitigating diet as the best for PCOS. Ongoing aggravation can cause hormonal disorder and is an extraordinary alternative for PCOS women. PCOS diet recipe has been formulated specifically to fight against PCOS. 

Best PCOS Diet Recipe

Following PCOS diet recipe are PCOS friendly and good for your health and don’t worry; they’re going to be tasty as well:

  • Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

As the weather gets cooler, you may find yourself winding up drinking more tea, cuddling down before the fire. Also, when you have companions over to converse with, be with, and share existence with, you need to have the option to offer some dazzling treats to go with their hot cocoa. These PCOS friendly dark chocolate chip treats are definitely the best choice for the occasion. 


2 cups of dried up coconut 

half cup of custard flour 

a little touch of salt 

one-third cup of bee nectar 

a single egg

half tsp of vanilla concentrate 

50g of dark chocolate pieces/chip


Preheat broiler to 180 degrees.

Combine all the dry elements of the cookie except the chocolate in a bowl.

Combine all the wet ingredients utilizing a blender or whisk at that point add to the dry ones,

Blend in the chocolate 

Structure into balls and spot on a preparing plate fixed with material paper 

Level balls with a fork or with hands in the event that you favor a smooth treat (in the event that you left the chocolate, for the time being, sprinkle over the treats and press into the batter) 

Place it in the broiler at 180 degrees Celcius for 12 minutes or until it gets brilliant earthy colored 

Leave it to cool on a cooling rack and store in a water/air proof compartment


You can easily defeat PCOS if you maintain a healthy diet and don’t let temptations stray away from the PCOS diet recipe which will keep you healthy. This PCOS diet recipe is a tasty treat and adds to your health.

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