Must-Have Device For Pregnant Women

What can be best and worse than desperately waiting for the best gift of your life? You can’t hold him in your arms right now but what if you can feel its presence? Excited? You are! Today, we have come up with a device for pregnant women. If you are expecting then there is something amazing waiting for you. Let’s move ahead and know what exactly is this package of happiness.

Device to Monitor Your Baby’s Heartbeat Portable

Must-Have Device For Pregnant Women
Must-Have Device For Pregnant Women


  • Easy to carry heart monitor
  • It can calculate fetal heart rate of 10 weeks
  • The battery is used; you can even use earphones with the device
  • Less power consuming; easy to carry
  • Used frequency is low and safe; 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to switch
  • Package consist:
  • Baby Heartbeat Monitor is for one baby


You can never listen to your baby’s heartbeat always, but for a mother, it is the most beautiful and charming sound of this world. This device allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat anytime, anywhere. It has a very clear sound quality and portability. You can also monitor the health of your baby. It is good for his wellness. It will calculate the rate of a heartbeat every single second and it will show that in a digital LCD screen. You can also use earphones to feel the sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

Important Tool For Pregnant Women

First of all, the device is portable and easy to use. A pregnant mother can connect her earphones with the device and can easily feel his baby’s heart sound with her own ears. Usually, the doctor says to count the kicks of a baby in last weeks coz it can harm his own cord. This device is also useful for that purpose. So it always good for his health. It connects the baby with his mother, every single second. For a mother, who thinks for her baby, all day, it is a great device.

Product Information (Device For Pregnant Women)

The battery is used as the power resource and you need to change the batteries rarely because it is very less power consuming. Besides, it also has an earphone jack. You can connect your earphones to feel the sound from your heart. Your baby’s heart will be monitored every moment. When you touch your belly, you can feel the touches of your baby. The device has an LCD screen so that you can always monitor the heart rate, which is useful for monitoring your baby’s health condition.

This is the best gift any to-be mother could ever receive. So, if you are expecting or a loved one is then this amazing device for pregnant women is something you need to have. Nothing can be better than feeling the world inside of you. Do not wait for any longer buy this amazing device today. Before the little feet touch the ground comfort your heart by the little beats.

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