How to Stay Motivated While on the GDI Diet For Pregnant Women

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Gaining a firm stomach during pregnancy is not the only reason to start a pregnancy diet plan. More important is that you will avoid any possible complications from diabetes to high blood pressure. The best thing about a Gdi (gestational diabetes) diet plan is that it is healthy for both you and your baby. Fasting for one day a week is a requirement to follow if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Thirty-day intermittent diets are a must for you to avoid any type of complications during your pregnancy.

Choosing the right foods and the right quantity of them is important if you want to follow a GDI diet for pregnancy. It is recommended to consume organic fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins, whole grain cereals, and pasta without yeast, dairy products, or refined sugars. You should also limit your consumption of coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes.

GDI Diet Plan

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GDI has a special diet plan for different stages of pregnancy. First, you can go on a thirty-day diet that will help you lose weight and reduce cholesterol. After that, you can go on another diet for up to four weeks. You can choose between vegetarian, low GI, protein-rich, and others. You can also choose between a high GI diet and a low GI diet for variety. The vegetarian diet is perfect if you want to lose weight without eating too much.

The Gdi diet has a vegetarian diet plan for everyone. The most popular one is the IOS (Indian Organic Rice) diet. This diet includes rice, chickpeas, almonds, cashew nuts, mangoes, etc. You can choose to have any number of these foods that you like; it’s really up to you. The IOS diet even includes an app for planning out your meals.

If you need any more motivation to stick with the GDI diet for the pregnancy program, just check out the wonderful book, The iPhone Diets. The book includes a twelve-week menu plan and an amazing list of inspiring recipes. This is especially inspirational because many people look forward to being pregnant each month, not only for the joy of having a baby but also for the change in lifestyle that will go along with it. Plus, there are so many new and exciting things that you can do while pregnant, such as going on a shopping spree with the baby in tow!

One of the best ways to stay motivated and on track with the GDI diet for pregnancy program is to connect with others who are also having a child. This is easily done on the GDI forums where members post their progress and updates daily. Plus, you will find other members posting similar diet plans that are inspiring, informative, and just plain fun. It is easy to get connected with others with a similar pregnancy like you have. And, if you are not able to join the forums, I’ve found several Facebook pages that offer similar inspiration, including my friend’s pregnancy page which has some excellent posts about being pregnant and more.

Keep Sharing

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Another way to stay motivated is to share positive stories about your pregnancy on your Facebook or Myspace page. There are many other places on the internet to do this, as well. Simply search Google and look at some of the pregnancy pages that are being updated daily. And, if you want to keep things simple, create a page for your GDI diet book and update it yourself. As you continue your journey to lose weight, you can simply add a new post on your Facebook page or update your status on Facebook every day.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your motivation strong and start researching for the right diet recipe and other GDI diet ideas that are right for you. As you get inspired by the daily progress of others who are going through the same thing you are, you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life. Plus, you can always look back on your Facebook page and remind yourself of all the happy and funny things you’ve seen. You never know, those funny Facebook pictures could become motivational and change your life!

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