How A PCOS And Insulin Resistance Diet Can Help You Control Diabetes

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The main problem is that there are no approved diet plans to help treat PCOS and insulin resistance.

 Helps Treat Pcos

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One diet that has been used to help treat PCOS and insulin resistance is the South Beach Diet. This diet is based on eating lots of fatty fish, seeds, nuts, berries and low calorie vegetables. There are two schools of thought about how to do this, the first school teaches you to eat these foods in large quantities, and the other to encourage you to consume them in small amounts, but with a focus on choosing healthier foods.

When you are following this plan, you will want to avoid any carbohydrates. Most carbs are converted into sugar in the body, and this leads to increased insulin levels. Eating mostly lean meats helps lower insulin. However, you must be careful not to eat too much fat. If you do, you will put yourself into danger of developing diabetes.

Many women find that adding regular exercise to a daily PCOS and insulin resistance diet plan is very helpful. Exercise releases endorphins into your body. The endorphins naturally act as a natural painkiller and reduce stress. Studies have shown that regular exercise improves the mood, reduces cholesterol and increases endorphin production in the body. It also helps keep the weight off and reduces abdominal fat.

Another Consideration Is A Good Vitamin Supplement

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 Women who are obese are more likely to have PCOS. A good multivitamin can help prevent PCOS from developing. Vitamin D and calcium have also been shown to reduce insulin resistance.

Some women choose to use a meal replacement for their PCOS and insulin resistance. These replacement diets substitute the carbohydrates in your daily meals for fruits, vegetables, or protein. You may also choose to add a little extra fat to your meals. If you choose to use this type of diet, be sure you check with your doctor before doing so.

Other Area Of Consideration

Carbohydrates are another area of consideration when considering a PCOS and insulin resistance diet. They should only be one part of your diet. Too many carbohydrates consumed can lead to obesity, which in turn increases your risk of diabetes. Lean protein is another important part of any PCOS and insulin resistance diet. Fish and steak are both good sources of protein. Whole grains are also considered healthy, but as with all foods, moderation is the key to reaching your goal.

The carbohydrates you choose should be carefully chosen to ensure that the insulin load remains low. By eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, you can keep your insulin levels even while on the PCOS and insulin resistance diet. Your goal is to slowly raise them, keeping the insulin resistant status as high as possible.

 Final Words

By following a PCOS and insulin resistance diet, you can keep your diabetes in check and stay healthier. Just remember not to overdo it. Your diet needs to be carefully monitored, and your insulin levels checked by your doctor regularly. If you take all of the precautions listed here, you should be able to control your diabetes and not have to rely on expensive medications to do so.

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