Best PCOS Diet For Weight Loss

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PCOS is a common problem in most of the women these days. It is a hormonal imbalance in women of the reproductive age. However, PCOS symptoms in most of the women are different. In certain cases, it can also increase male hormone production, thus putting the women at risk of heart attack and type 2 diabetes. Further, it can use an increase in weight and cause fertility issues too. Thus, it becomes important to follow a PCOS diet for weight loss and maintaining your health.

Furthermore, there are no true causes of PCOS. But it can result from both genetic components and environmental influence. In some cases, it can be hereditary too.

Eat Healthy Fats

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If you have healthy fats in your diet, it will make you feel satisfied after your meal. Further, it will tackle weight loss and other symptoms of PCOS too.

Though fats are rich in calories, yet, they can help in reducing hunger. Further, a higher fat diet helps in reducing weight, especially belly fat. Some examples of healthy fats are avocadoes, olive oil, coconut oil, and nut butter.

Eat Enough Protein

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Protein helps in stabilizing blood sugar. Further, it increases the feeling of fullness after a meal. In addition to this, proteins tend to reduce your cravings. Moreover, it aids in managing your hunger hormones and helps you burn more calories.

High protein foods are eggs, nuts, dairy, meat, and seafood.

Limit Processed Foods And Added Sugars

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Another tip that you can follow to lose weight if you have PCOS is to cut your sugar intake. Sugar and processed food tend to raise your blood sugar levels. A rise in blood sugar levels increases the risk of insulin resistance, which is directly linked to obesity.

Thus, one should limit their intake of processed foods and sugars. Such kind of foods are cakes, cookies, candy, and fast food.

Don’t Under Eat

Now, if you under-eat or starve yourself, then it can trouble your metabolism. However, calorie restriction aids in short term weight loss. However, over time, the body adapts itself to low-calorie intake and reduces the overall calories it burns. Thereby leading to an increase in weight.

Further, when you have fewer calories, it can harm the hormones that control your appetite. Thus, if you wish to reduce your weight, you must cut back on unhealthy food rather than lower your intake of calories.

Also, you must know the difference between good calories and bad calories.


Things like PCOS are becoming common these days. Not only women but many teen girls are facing these issues. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise daily, have a balanced diet, and avoid stress as much as possible. Further, you should ensure that you take proper sleep at night.

Moreover, you can even take supplements if you feel like you are not getting the required nutrients. Weight in PCOS can be easily managed. You only need to take care of yourself.

Hope that the article was helpful to you.

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