Benefits of 9 Week Ultrasound

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Pregnancy ultrasound scans should take place between 18-20 weeks. This is the first time a baby’s sex can reliably be identified by a scan – but a scan at 9 weeks is almost as accurate.

At 9 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound allows you to find out whether you’re having a girl or a boy. Many women find that they would like to know this as early as possible in pregnancy because it helps them throughout the pregnancy and into labor. You may also want to think about what clothes your baby will need so you can start buying them once you’ve found out your baby’s gender. The majority of hospitals have special offers for private scans at around 12-13 weeks so it could save you money.

Following are the benefits of a 9 weeks ultrasound.

Due date of the baby

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Ultrasound in 9 weeks pregnancy is done for determining the due date of the baby. It also determines the growth, the number of babies in the uterus, and their position.

Pregnant with multiples or not i.e., twins, triplets

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Also, a scan at this time helps to know whether you are pregnant with multiples or not i.e., twins, triplets, etc.

The scan is needed for gender determination

Besides that, an early nine-week scan is needed for gender determination in the case at all parents would like to abort the baby in case it’s a girl or even they want to continue with pregnancy in case if they want boy child more than girl child then parents can plan accordingly depending upon this result only, but after 12th week of the gestation period, it’s not possible to find out the gender.

Birth defects

An early nine-week prenatal ultrasound also checks for any birth defects in babies like Down’s syndrome, heart or brain problems, etc.

Checks for hydrocephalus

Not only this it even checks for hydrocephalus i.e., the accumulation of fluid inside the fetal skull which may be a cause of mental retardation and damage to other parts of the nervous system, club foot, cleft lip, palate, etc.

Pregnancy is safe or not

In case there is something wrong with the fetus then doctors can suggest parents abortion before the 9th week itself rather than continuing pregnancy because after 9 weeks the baby starts developing movements which make it difficult to stop pregnancy safely without causing harm to the mother as well both.

Survival of baby

It’s not a rare thing that many pregnant women have encountered this situation in olden days where even after 9 weeks doctors suggested them to abort the baby because it won’t survive or there is something wrong with the baby, but nowadays doctors are trying to save every single child of a mother even if it has been diagnosed with severe birth defects.

Physical deformity

In 9 weeks pregnancy scan also checks for any kind of physical deformity in babies like cleft lip and palate etc.

Growth of baby

Also at nine weeks gestation period ultrasound helps determine gender depending upon the growth rate of the fetus, i.e., whether it’s growing faster or slower than normal rate then the doctor can tell what will be the possible gender of your child.

Checks the placental location

The 9th-week ultrasound checks the placental location in Chorionic villus sampling or CVS can be done by taking a very small sample of the placenta which is later on analyzed in the lab to know whether the baby has Down’s syndrome, trisomy 18, etc.

Check the blood flow

During the 9 weeks, scan doctors usually check the blood flow through the umbilical cord for any abnormalities which may be caused because of reduced blood flow or reversed blood flow between mother and fetus due to some reasons.

When it is high-risk pregnancies

Apart from that, an early nine-week pregnancy scan is important for parents who are high-risk pregnancies, i.e., they either have health issues like kidney problems, diabetes, heart problems, etc., or they are women or now even women must have an ultrasound in 9 weeks pregnant or have had it at least once when they are in the mid of their first trimester because doctors know that woman can face miscarriages when there is some complication during this phase itself.

Rating the growth

Lastly, an early nine-week scan even checks whether the baby is growing well in the uterus or not i.e., whether it’s developing at a normal rate or not. This whole thing helps doctors to determine the fetus’s health and growth which is very crucial for expecting mothers.


From the above discussion, it’s clear that a nine weeks scan is very important for expecting mothers because at this stage the fetus starts growing hands, legs, face, and all other development occurs during the nine weeks gestation period so the first-trimester ultrasound should be done carefully without rushing doctors.

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